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Relax on a Stylish Comfy 2-Seater Sofa This Winter

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Stylish Comfy 2-Seater Sofas at Darlings Of Chelsea

Long, chilly winter nights; warming casseroles for dinner; plenty to watch on television, and a crackling fire heating up the home. There’s only one other thing you could reasonably ask for, and that’s a superb quality 2-seater sofa to snuggle up on. Here are some of our favourites, any one of which could take pride of place in your home. The Sloane […]

Donate Your Old Sofa to the British Heart Foundation

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donate your old sofa to The British Heart Foundation

When you buy a new sofa from Darlings Of Chelsea, The British Heart Foundation will collect your old sofa, and any other furniture free of charge. Are you thinking of buying a new sofa? If you are you’re probably wondering what to do with the old one. Getting rid of it isn’t easy – unless of course you decide to go down […]

Get Cosy this Winter – Smart Ways to Stay Warm

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It hardly seems possible winter is here again. We’ve gone from t-shirts and shorts to thermostats going up seemingly in the space of a few short days. Of course this also means heating bills start to rocket. We’ve found a few smart, efficient solutions which could help you stay warm this year – and spend less money. The Evohome Thermostat This is […]

Home Styling: Why Choose a Designer Sofa?

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Designer sofas are very popular nowadays but why is this the case? If you are looking for a new sofa and you haven’t yet made a decision, keep reading. It might be worthwhile looking into some of the many reasons why you’d buy this type of sofa over any other. Great style and class Have you ever come across a designer sofa […]

Home Décor: Stylish Italian Leather Sofas

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You may have heard that not all leather is created as equal. This fact can certainly be appreciated when you start looking through the impressive range of Italian leather sofas we have to offer. Care and attention to both design and the quality of the materials used can be seen in every stitch, every curve and every element of the fine sofa […]

Home Décor: Add Some Autumnal Style

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So it’s goodbye to the summer and the leaves are falling from the trees to indicate that autumn is well and truly on the way. There are plenty of ways you can introduce the new season into your home décor and we’ve suggested a few thoughts and ideas here. Welcome guests with an autumn door display This superb idea provides a new […]

Stylish Comfy Cushion Ideas for Your Home

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Cushions are much-used in the home and yet often underestimated in their importance. The good news is there are cushion designs for every room in your home and they vary more than you might think in size, type, style and appearance. Great sofa cushions that complete your desired look No self-respecting sofa would be complete without some cushions, would it? If you […]

10 Great Ways to Decorate Your Home for Halloween

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great halloween decoration ideas

www.wegli.com The days are getting shorter and the evenings are darker, and soon all manner of frightening things will be popping up in properties across the land. It can only be Halloween and if you’re getting ready to decorate your home we’ve got some frighteningly good Halloween ideas for you. Light up some pumpkin heads This is an old tradition and one […]

Great Ways to Display Your Family Photos

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Great Ways to Display Your Family Photos

Most people have photos of their families somewhere in their home. However while this is a great idea there is no need to use the traditional ways of displaying them. You can get creative if you really need to, as you’ll see here. Displaying more than one photo on the same wall Image Source: www.home-designing.com It’s nice to use a large frame […]

Luxury Sofa Beds from Darlings of Chelsea

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sloane leather sofa bed

Many homes would benefit from having a sofa bed. They’re great for those odd occasions when someone stays over after a party and there is no room anywhere else for them to sleep. They are also ideal for small properties where there is only one bedroom and you’d still like to offer a place to stay. Here we have highlighted three excellent […]