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5 Beautiful Bedroom Chairs to Consider

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beautiful bedroom design

If you are lucky enough to have a bedroom of a reasonable size, you may have room for a chair as part of the overall design. A bedroom chair is certainly a practical addition – it provides somewhere to sit and relax with a good book if you so desire, or simply acts as a practical seat when you are getting ready

Tartan on Trend in 2014

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Skye Sofa in Harris Tweed

If you have been keeping up with progress in the home furnishings field, you may have spotted tartan coming into the fold more and more recently. This is definitely an emerging trend and one that is easy to bring into your home if you are looking to make some changes. If when you are thinking of tartan, your mind conjures up images

Sumptuous Sofas to Snuggle Up on This Valentine’s

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sofas ideal for Valentines Day

The big day is approaching – arguably one of the most romantic days in the entire calendar. It’s Valentine’s Day of course, and whatever you have planned this year you’ll want to celebrate in style. You may not have considered getting a brand new sofa, but as you’ll see from the fine examples given below, there are plenty of reasons to consider

Top Picks: The Hottest Properties Currently on the Market

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Have you ever driven past a luxurious and sprawling country pile and dreamed about what it would be like to live there? It gives you a wistful feeling for sure, but you don’t have to head out into the countryside to find properties like these. The internet can provide lots of tasty properties to look over if you get the chance.  

Why Buy Designer?

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When it comes to buying a new sofa your first thought may not be to get a designer one. After all, aren’t they expensive and far beyond the scope of your budget? This is an understandable point of view, but it doesn’t bear in mind the sheer quality of the sofa you could get if you went for a designer one. For

How to Create the Ultimate Feature Wall

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Feature wall ideas

The idea of having a feature wall in one or more rooms of a property is not a new one. However there are ways you can make sure you create something truly stunning everyone will love.   Choose your colours carefully Before you begin it helps to decide whether or not you are going to decorate the rest of the room as

Luxury retreats

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The summer is never far from our minds during the colder months of winter. While it may still be a few months away now is the time to consider where to go for our summer holidays. The good news is there are some truly amazing luxury retreats you can head for in all corners of the world. Will any of the following

Stunning houses and architectural triumphs

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People seem to have gone architecture mad in recent years and this is evident in some of the latest designs unveiled by top firms. From cubic to sweeping, and understated to magnificent, here are a few of our favourite masterpieces: The Sagaponac House The Sagaponac House is a 4,500 square foot house located in an east Long Island community, Wainscott. Designed in

Interior Design Ideas: Beautiful Staircases

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Floating Floating stairs never cease to amaze with their impossible physics and minimalist design. Some may see them as a pure danger, but most see an elegent, stylish way to make stairs a feature in the home. They go brilliantly with modern decoration and contemporary furnishings and can either come with or without railings – depending on just how dangerously you want

Five of the best: fabric sofas

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Morellia corner sofa This modern, luxurious corner sofa is one that you can just sink into. It comes in a fantastic range of colours and fabrics to suit you and your home, and it is built to the highest standards with a lifetime guarantee on the frame. There is a huge range of sizes and modules available too, meaning the Morellia can