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New Year Inspiration – Interior Design Trends for 2013

With the dawn of a New Year comes a whole swathe of brand new interior design trends. And as with any other year you’ll be able to find inspiration from a number of quarters.

So with no further ado, let’s pluck out a few highlights and see where they might lead us.

Avoiding the pastels

If one thing stood out as we looked into the potential design trends we could see bouncing forth in interior design this year, it’s this – pastels are not as prominent as they’ve been in previous years.

But is this the end of the pastel colour? Not quite – some room sets created with 2013 in mind had a few choice pastels thrown in among complimentary and much bolder blocks of colour. Peach popped in a few times – a coincidence perhaps? We think not. Try different shades of peach complimented by sofas you’ll be happy to sit in for years to come. The effect is quite stunning.

Indigo takes centre stage

On our travels to find some key trends coming soon, indigo also made a couple of appearances. We can imagine you’ll see this provided as a matt paint finish for the walls – the perfect backdrop for white corner sofas (or any other more subtle colour you can think of).

If you decide to be bold and use this colour in your room designs, remember not to overdo it. It’s quite a dark colour and while it would look good in larger rooms, smaller ones would feel smaller still if you were to overdo it.
Tropical Floral wallpaper

Retro flowery designs

You may already have spotted these coming into the shops during 2012, and the trend looks set to multiply and continue this year. You’ll find them in matching curtains and cushions, and the latter look even more stunning when paired with sofas in one contrasting colour. Accessorising with patterns has always been a good bet, and 2013 could well see more retro patterns coming forth in the mix.

< Image source: www.signatureprints.com.au

A wooden performance

Whether you go for the subtle angle and choose corner sofas with small wooden legs, or you go the whole hog with wooden dining tables and lots of rustic touches in various rooms, you can’t go wrong with wood this year.

But it goes further than this – woodland themed accessories will also be popular. You can achieve this by recovering a couple of plain dining chairs in a woodland pattern, or scaling things down and adding ornaments here and there with a woodland theme.

What works in your home?

Of course you don’t have to feel as if you should change everything in your home. By all means read through the above suggestions and look out for more home interior design ideas throughout the year. But look for those suggestions that particularly lend themselves to your home. You may find one or two that would bring new life to your home – ushering in the New Year with a flourish as a result.

Featured image source: www.blissfulbblog.com

What are the trends you will be adding to your home in 2013?