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Energy Saving Tips – How to Reduce Your Energy Bills This Winter

We all use more energy at home in the winter. But you don’t have to settle for much higher energy bills as a result. For example, take time to compare your energy provider to the others available. Are you paying more than you need to for your energy bills? Make sure you swap if you are – it’s not as difficult as you may think.

Here’s some other energy saving tips to reduce your energy bills as winter starts to bite.

Do you really need all those lights?

If you have a habit of leaving on more lights than you need, start turning them off whenever you can. Switch off when you leave a room and you can save money throughout the year. Start replacing all those old light bulbs with energy saving ones too to save even more money.

Unplug what you don’t need

Another habit many of us have is to leave things plugged in when we’re not using them. A good energy saving idea is to unplug whatever doesn’t need to be constantly plugged in, as they still use energy even when you’re not using them.

Put computers into hibernation

Not just during the winter, but all the time, if you want to learn how to save energy in this way. Adjust your settings so your computer hibernates whenever you walk away from it to make tea of do something else for a period of twenty minutes or more. It’s still easy to get it running again when you return, as it saves all your current settings.

Only boil what you need

Most of us drink hot drinks, but most of us also boil too much each time. One of the best home energy saving tips you can apply immediately is to boil only the amount you need when you want a drink. Alternatively buy an eco kettle, which is more efficient anyway.

These are just for starters – there are lots of other energy saving tips you can use, but these can be implemented straight away to start saving energy and money

For further information and advice on energy saving visit: www.energysavingtrust.org.uk

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