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Decorating Ideas for your Home Office

A home office can be a real challenge when it comes to decorating. It needs to be a professional and efficiently organised space, but it also needs to be comfortable. Needless to say you probably want it to reflect your character, instead of being just another grey cubicle like most traditional offices.

So with that in mind, here are some tips on how to create the best home office surroundings.

Start from scratch

If you can, strip everything out of the room so you can see the space you have available. Make a note of the items of furniture you need to have. This will undoubtedly include a computer desk above all else, but you will also need a computer chair.

Shelving of some kind can provide storage space and also somewhere to put your printer. Jot down all the things you need and ensure you allocate room for them without overcrowding the space.

Pick a colour scheme

decorating ideas

A home office should be a welcoming and calming space. Pastels can work well; alternatively you may want plain off white walls so you can add splashes of colour in the accessories.

When you are focusing on your colour scheme, bear in mind the type of furniture you would like as well. This can help you pull the whole thing together effectively.

Get specific – would an antique desk work?

Once you know which items you need, you can start browsing for ideas. Your computer desk could be a modern structure made from metal and glass. Alternatively you may prefer the warmth and classic good looks of an antique desk.

office desks

When you are considering furniture options, make sure you look and see whether you can mix and match different items together to create the look you want.

Get comfy – a leather sofa is a useful luxury

If you have the room, a sofa would look great positioned against one wall in your office. While you will have work to do at the computer, it’s nice to have space to sit and relax for lunch too, or to read a magazine. A leather sofa provides a luxurious look and fits well in a classically designed office space. Can you imagine wandering over from your desk to sit on your sofa for a well earned cup of tea between tasks?

home office ideas

Keep things as tidy as possible with good storage

Regardless of how big or small your office is it’s easy for it to become cluttered and untidy. The solution to this is to buy furniture that allows you to store things away neatly out of sight. Think of filing cabinets for example; you can buy ones that look like regular cabinets instead of being designed specifically for an office.

In the end you will have your own ideas and inspiration for your own home office space. But remember you have total control over it, so why not make it as comfortable and appealing as you possibly can? It will make it more enjoyable to go there if you do.

Images courtesy of www.onarchitecturesite.com + www. housetohome.co.uk + www.bettaliving.co.uk