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Creating a Home Cinema? Cinema Sofa Ideas


Converting a room in your house into a home cinema is a great project to undertake, and with not only the choice of hardware equipment on offer but also soft furnishings we thought it would be interesting to take a look at what’s available from a cinema sofa point of view. We’ll leave the experts to tell you all about the home cinema hardware options.

Any kind of home cinema seating you choose must be considered in terms of the space you are looking to put it into. If the space you are proposing for your home cinema area is limited then think carefully about what size of home cinema sofa will fit and what will offer maximum comfort for you and any guests you choose to invite to home screenings.

Remember, you want to consider maximum comfort for those lazy days of kicking back and enjoying the latest blockbuster with friends, or possibly a romantic night in with your loved one close by.


Fabio Cinema Sofa

For ultimate luxury, take a look at the modern contemporary designed Fabio Cinema sofa range. With the option of built in storage, drinks holders and iPod speakers, the Fabio cinema sofa is available in a range of sizes and options to suit all room sizes and pockets.

Starting with a simple elegant two-seater sofa this luxury cinema sofa can be specified all the way through to a corner sofa with reclining backrests and fridge option, offering the ultimate in cinema sofa luxury.

A wide range of leathers are available to choose from to suit any setting, and with minimal maintenance your cinema sofa will remain in great condition for many years to come. Being leather, it is ideal for any unfortunate spills, simply wiped clean with a damp cloth immediately and allowed to dry without the worry of damage.

With any cinema home sofa, comfort is the key and you can be assured this is expertly taken care of with the Fabio cinema sofa range with the option of manual or electric recliner options allowing the back and arm rests to be adjusted for your own personal comfort.

Whatever type of home cinema seating you choose, take a good look around and find what suits your budget and room restrictions. A simple set up for a home cinema may look particularly effective, yet not offer that all important ingredient – comfort. Comfort will ultimately be the most important factor, along with any luxury items you can specify into your home cinema seating, such as speakers.


Corner Sofa

Morellia Corner Sofa


Being able to specify such extras may seem extravagant at this time, however when the lights go down and the movie starts, you won’t be wanting to start a waiter service for your guests or loved ones! Think carefully about your budget, and along with any hardware equipment and other decorations you consider for your home cinema area, buy the best available.

The Fabio cinema range in any combination, certainly offers great value for money, along with offering many combinations to suit any sized room together with the options, such as a fridge or drinks holders you may wish to consider.