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Contemporary Leather Sofas

With advent calendars popping open, lights being switched on and cards starting to drop through the letterbox, it’s clear that the festive period is now in full swing.

But seeing as a sofa won’t fit down your chimney, you might have to treat yourself early rather than wait for Santa to bring you what you want!

A new, contemporary leather sofa is the ideal way to make your Christmas guests feel at home this year. Cosy and stylish, they’ll provide comfort for all the family while creating the designer living space you’ve always dreamed of.

At Darlings of Chelsea we have a wide range of contemporary sofas to choose from, with something in our collection to suit all manner of different tastes.

All of them share two things in common though; style for one, quality for another. Our contemporary leather sofas, like all our leather ranges, are hand crafted from the finest leather hides. We never use split or faux leathers; for us, it has to be the real thing.

So when you take delivery of your contemporary leather sofa, you’ll be struck by the luxurious, quality feel just as much as its stunning modern looks.

Angelo Contemporary Leather Sofa

The Angelo Range

Case in point, the Angelo leather sofa – a new addition to our range here at Darlings of Chelsea. With its high back and deep seats, it’s as comfortable a sofa as you’ll ever experience. But it carries a wow factor in the looks department too, with its steep sloping arms complementing otherwise gentle angles to create a sleek, stylish appeal.

For ultra modern lounging, you can even enjoy the 3 seater version of the Angelo sofa with electric recliners – the lazy, decadent way to put your feet up.

Shoreditch Contemporary Leather Sofa

The Shoreditch Range

Other examples of our luxury contemporary leather sofas include the Shoreditch leather sofa. Opposite to the Angelo in the sense of its low back, the Shoreditch is the epitome of minimalist designer living.

Angles are straight, lines clean and unbroken with a minimal number of panels and indeed just one continuous seat. It comes in a huge range of colours (and indeed types of leather), but the pigmented whites, yellows and reds are sure to be popular as this particular sofa fits perfectly with a bold, ultra modern space.

Brompton Contemporary Leather Sofa

The Brompton Range

For something a little different, consider the Brompton High Arm Sofa. A very contemporary leather sofa, the Brompton nevertheless borrows its concept in some small manner from antique wing chairs – with their high backs and arms providing comfort for the head and neck.

Sink into the deep and sumptuous Brompton and you’ll enjoy a similar experience. Certainly with this sofa, the corner seats are the place to be.

Again, this sofa is available in a range of colours and sizes, and that is symptomatic of our contemporary leather sofa range as a whole.

Browse our contemporary leather sofas and we’re sure you’ll find a sofa to fall in love with.