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Small Corner Sofas for Small Rooms from Darlings of Chelsea

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What comes to mind at the mention of a corner sofa? Is it something rather large, clearly designed for a generously-sized room? You wouldn’t be alone. However if you’re thinking there is no such thing as corner sofas for small spaces, think again. Darlings of Chelsea has some wonderful options that will suit the smallest of spaces. Alice Range Of all the […]

5 Chic L Shaped Sofas from Darlings of Chelsea

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Corner sofas have an appeal few other sofas can match. For size, versatility and sheer good looks, we think these chic sofas beat the rest. If you’re looking for a stunning new addition to your home, consider these fabulous sofas from Darlings of Chelsea. Morellia Corner Sofa Isn’t it lovely to find a sofa that seems to give you a hug every […]

Why Choose a Modular Sofa?

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Most people have heard of a modular sofa, even if they’re not too sure what the phrase means. In truth there are many advantages to choosing this type of sofa, regardless of the type or size of space you have to work with. Freedom to choose the sofa that works for you When you start looking at sectional sofas you’ll see there […]

Five of the best: fabric sofas

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Morellia corner sofa This modern, luxurious corner sofa is one that you can just sink into. It comes in a fantastic range of colours and fabrics to suit you and your home, and it is built to the highest standards with a lifetime guarantee on the frame. There is a huge range of sizes and modules available too, meaning the Morellia can […]

Looking for Flexibility? The Benefits of Modular Sofas

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The search for a brand new sofa can be a real struggle. There are so many leathers and fabrics to choose from, not to mention designs, seating options and sizes. It’s a wonder any of us ever find exactly the right sofa for our needs. Perhaps this is one of the reasons why modular sofas are becoming more popular. There are significant […]