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Bedroom Furniture


Choose from our range of classic and contemporary bedroom furniture to make a statement in your bedroom. You won’t go short of compliments after picking your bedroom furniture from the Darlings of Chelsea range as our unique styles and selection of designer pieces will become a feature of your room. Whether it is a bed you need or just a chest of drawers, there is something for everyone so have a browse and pick your unique piece!


A statement bed can draw attention away from the most basic décor. Give your room some personality with one of our unique beds in our collection. Featured beds include those from our Moulin Noir collection. The four poster 5ft bed has a design fit for a Queen or King with its 1920’s style. The Moulin Noir Carved 5ft bed is of similar design and has a classic look that will be a fixture in any bedroom. The Chateau beds are influenced by French design and are part of our white furniture collection. The Tiffany 5ft bed has a beautiful silver painted finish which can be complimented with other pieces from the Tiffany collection creating a statement bedroom you won’t have any trouble sleeping in! All of our bed frames are hand crafted from the highest quality wood so they will last a lifetime.




Moulin Noir 2 Door Mirrored Armoire



Wardrobes are more than just somewhere to hang your clothes. They can become a fixture in your bedroom and there are some beautiful vintage pieces in our collection. In our range of white bedroom furniture there is the French inspired design of the Chateau Carved Armoire. Its style is taken from old antique wardrobes making it a classic statement piece to have in your bedroom. Other stand out wardrobes includes the mirrored armoire from the Moulin Noir collection. This piece of our black bedroom furniture range has a vintage style based on 1920’s European designs and will draw the eye when placed in any bedroom. In addition, the Tiffany collection is painted in silver and makes your room fit for a King!


Chest of Drawers


Chateau Carved 4 Drawer Chest


If you are more of a chest of drawers person than a wardrobe person, why not make them interesting? Heavily based on French designs, the Chateau chest of drawers is a statement piece which will show off your stylish side. With four large drawers, it also has plenty of space for your clothes or other bits and pieces. The Moulin Noir chest of drawers is part of our black bedroom furniture collection. It has sophisticated marble top and classic velvet upholstery. Its curved design is based on the 1920’s European Louis Phillipe theme and will stand out in any bedroom. Similarly, the Tiffany two drawer Bombe chest of drawers has a unique silver painted design which can be complimented with other pieces from the Tiffany collection creating a dazzling bedroom.

As well as these bedroom pieces, we also have stylish dressing tables, media cabinets and bookcases. So browse our dazzling, unique collection of bedroom furniture and pick your statement piece today!

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  1. Lambros says:

    In small rooms, you have to choose funriture that is not overpowering the space. Less is more and size matters. Wherever you purchase funriture keep the scale small and low key. No overstuffed pieces. Measure your space. People tend to buy what they like, not what works. Heavy oversized funriture will make your place smaller and take space you can’t afford. Buy pieces that have multiple uses like a cocktail table that is an ottoman but opens up for storage. Buy wall units that have doors that can house things but is not open to see them. The same in bedrooms. Buy beds that are on platforms with storage units underneath so you don’t need dressers or any additional funriture. Nightstands should have drawers for additional storage. Organize your closets with plastic bins with drawers. Use multiple hangers options for your clothes so they take only one hanger not many. Look for any and all options that have multiple duties and not just take up space and have one. Keep all your funriture simple and contemporary. It’s the easiest in small spaces.

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