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September 1, 2016 00:00:00

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5 Alluring Chesterfield Sofas At Darlings Of Chelsea

There is something about the Chesterfield sofa design that appeals to lots of different people. While it looks nice in a traditional setting, it also slots in neatly in many modern homes, making this a sure fire hit for many people.

Here are five particularly alluring examples of just how good a Chesterfield sofa can be.

The Connaught

connaught - chesterfield sofa

If you take a closer look at this sofa you’ll notice it is particularly deep. In fact you would be hard pushed to find one that is deeper than the 124cm measurement of this sofa.

It retains the classic Chesterfield charm with coil seating and even a selection of scatter cushions. No matter what decor you have, you can look forward to a successful addition to your home if you choose this sofa.

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The Chelsea

Chelsea  leather chesterfield

If you want nice slim arms for your Chesterfield, the Chelsea is the ideal piece to consider. It also has raised legs so it is easy to clean underneath it and it offers comfortable seating for everyone as well.

It also comes in an amazing array of leathers and fabrics, so you can finish it in the exact look you need and want.

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The Kingsley

Kingsley Chesterfield Sofa

This example of a Chesterfield is rather more laid back than some other models you will find on the market today. And yet it retains all of that Chesterfield charm you know and love.

The seating is wonderfully comfortable and will stand the test of time too. The arms on the sofa curve out rather more lazily than you will see on some other examples of this sofa style.

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The Cairness

Cairness chesterfield sofa

This harks back to the classic age of Chesterfields, so it is no wonder the Cairness has that sumptuous yet refined look of leather you would expect from a Chesterfield. One look at this and you want to be sinking into its cushions.

You can even choose antiqued leather if you wish, to make it look as though your brand new sofa is already old and loved.

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The Balmoral

Balmoral Chesterfield Sofa

Some sofas are meant to be lounged on and enjoyed for many hours at a time. We think you’ll find it nearly impossible to drag yourself up and out of the Balmoral such is the attention to detail and comfort that has gone into it.

This bears all the hallmarks of the classic Chesterfield design, and yet it also manages to offer the ultimate in modern comfort as well. You can bring this sofa into a modern home and it will look equally at home as it would in an old country house.

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As you can see, Darlings Of Chelsea offer a wide selection of Chesterfield sofas that come in all shapes and sizes. Yet while the above five selections all look unique in their own way, they also look classic in their Chesterfield good looks. So if you are going to buy one for your home, make sure you know what you are looking for. If you do you will find the buying process very enjoyable indeed.