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The Beauty of Fabric

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Fabric plays a key role in every home. If you don’t believe this, just stop and take a look around any room of your choice. It’s there in many forms, from curtains to cushions and bedding to sofas. Fabric is an important part of good interior design, so if you are looking to improve or change the appearance of your home, this […]

Autumn Interior Design Ideas

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Guest post by Dartington Crystal Mists, early morning frosts, and that chilly feeling when you first get up in the morning are all signs that autumn is on its way. One of the best ways to overcome any sense of impending gloom is to take a look around your home and celebrate this season rather then let the early dusks and diminished […]

Create Your Own Beautiful Colour Palettes

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We often hear about choosing a colour scheme for a particular room, and there is a lot to be said for doing this. It certainly makes life easier when it comes to decorating and furnishing a particular space. But you don’t have to stick with just one colour in this situation. In fact, using a colour palette is by far the best […]

Interior Design Ideas – Decorating with Rugs

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Guest Post by The Rug Company Advantages of Using Rugs in your Room Interior? Having well designed rugs in your room can make a lot of difference to the overall appearance and décor of your house. Starting from adding style and colour to protecting the floors, rugs serve a huge range of purposes. Therefore, when it comes to purchasing a rug for […]

Jamie Oliver’s Big Chair Project

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Jamie Oliver, famous TV chef and a key figure behind the drive to improve school dinners, has turned his attention to a new goal. Jamie founded his charity Better Food Foundation in 2002, and the Big Chair Project has been inspired by that very charity. What is the Big Chair Project all about? Twenty artists were selected to design a chair for […]

Boiler Servicing Tips

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Guest Post by Direct Heating Supplies It is not the most exciting part of being a home owner, but looking after your central heating system can pay big dividends in the long term. If you invest in anything of substantial value, then it makes sense to take care of it. A boiler is no different. Cheap Combi Boilers tend to cost around […]

Tumble Dryer Reviews – Five Recommended Tumble Dryers

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Guest post by Appliances Online Five Great Tumble Dryers British weather isn’t exactly the most reliable. It rains when it’s supposed to be sunny and snows when it’s meant to be raining. This is where tumble dryers come in handy. We can bring the nice weather indoors and ensure our laundry gets nice and dry in a very short space of time. […]