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10 Great Illustrative Wallpapers

Are you considering redesigning a room in your home? Illustrative wallpaper can help you create the ideal backdrop for whatever colour palettes and colour scheme you have in mind.

Here are some great suggestions.

Graham & Brown Damson Mirage

Graham & Brown - Damson Mirage
This is charming wallpaper that will provide a landscape to accentuate the other items in your room. Sofas will settle into it and feel comfier than ever. It’s different from most other wallpapers and this is why it catches your eye.

Graham & Brown Desire

Graham & Brown - Desire

You certainly will desire this particular example. Perhaps best as a feature wall, although it will sit nicely with appropriate home lighting and furnishings, it has a luscious look to it.

Sophie Conran for Arthouse Wallpaper – Postcards Home

Sophie Conran- Arthouse

This is unusual wallpaper, but no less appealing for that. Relax in you living room and be inspired by the postcards that appear all over your walls. You’ll be tempted to read them at every turn.

Bohemia by Sophie Conran

Bohemia by Sophie Conran

If you’re looking for something big and bold to give your colour palettes a shock, this could be just the thing. It says a little something about who you are, don’t you think?

Maggie Levien for John Lewis

Maggie Levien - Viola Chinese Damask

Just to prove big patterns don’t need to be overly bold, this wallpaper does the trick nicely. It’s subtle and yet replete with a classic illustrative design – perfect for your living room.

Fountain by Graham & Brown

Fountain by Graham & Brown

A shock of colour can perk up any room, and this stunning wallpaper would suit a feature wall in your dining room or perhaps even your bedroom. Imagine this in your desired room along, with some intriguing home lighting to set the mood.

Sophie Conran for Arthouse Balustrade

Sophie Conran for Arthouse - Balustrade

Jewel, sapphire, slate and spice – these are just four of the colourways you can opt for with this wallpaper. They’ll inspire your colour palettes and enable you to do something very different.

Birdcage wallpaper from Next

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This light and airy wallpaper features a repeat pattern of birdcages – which could be a distinct difference from your existing pattern.

Textured leaf wallpaper from Next

textured leaf wallpaper from Next

If you want to add in a little texture as well as colour, this wallpaper will do the trick nicely. With several colours built in it will appeal to several colour palettes.

Home of Colour Celeste from Homebase

Home of Colour - Celeste

This is pale wallpaper with a splash of blue: this example is a nice way to add some colour into an otherwise calm design.

In the end, your wallpaper is just the beginning of your revamped room design. Always get samples to hang on the walls so you can see how it could look in the end and how you feel with it. Consider other items too, such as furniture and home lighting, and think about how the whole thing will be pulled together. The more you think ahead the easier the end result is likely to be.