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Interior Design Ideas & Advice from Darlings Of Chelsea

Style Ideas: Traditional Leather Sofas at Darlings of Chelsea

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style ideas

What does the word traditional mean to you? For many it would mean something familiar and long-standing, and certainly something reliable. All these features are rolled into our selection of traditional leather sofas, and they are all capable of inspiring some sensational home style ideas in your home. Take a look through the suggestions below and see whether one of them might […]

Country Home Décor: Choosing the Right Sofa

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Country Home Décor

Whether you live in the country or not, it’s easy to see why many people opt for a country look when decorating their homes. Country style home décor looks and feels warm and welcoming, and it provides plenty of appeal all year round as well. One of the key elements that can bring the whole look together is the right sofa. Fortunately […]

Small Corner Sofas for Small Rooms from Darlings of Chelsea

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small corner sofas from Darlings of Chelsea

What comes to mind at the mention of a corner sofa? Is it something rather large, clearly designed for a generously-sized room? You wouldn’t be alone. However if you’re thinking there is no such thing as corner sofas for small spaces, think again. Darlings of Chelsea has some wonderful options that will suit the smallest of spaces. Alice Range Of all the […]

Home Décor: Colourful Sofas that Stand Out

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colourful sofas that standout

If you want a splash of colour in your home, why not consider choosing a sofa or armchair that fits the bill? Many people opt for a neutral sofa or chair and add funky cushions to bring it out of its shell. However, if you’d rather opt for one of the statement sofas on the market today, we’ve got some superb suggestions. […]

The NEW Ashdown Corner Sofa at Darlings of Chelsea

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Ashdowne Corner Sofa

Ashdown Corner Sofa from £2,470 – View Sofa For more information about this sofa please do not hesitate to email us of call us on:020 3733 7821 Corner sofas are exceptionally popular among many people and for good reason too. They can be designed to meet your precise needs, with various size units available, chaise ends and even sofa beds built into […]

Useful Facts for the First Time Leather Sofa Buyer

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vienna leather sofa

If you are thinking about buying a leather sofa for the first time, you will probably have some questions you’d like the answers to. This holds true whether you are considering buying one of the many Italian leather sofas on the market or something completely different. We’ve compiled a selection of the most common ones here so you can get educated before […]

Gorgeous Living Rooms to Inspire You in 2015

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inspirational living rooms

Are you thinking of redecorating or restyling your living room this year? It can be difficult to know where to begin. However we’d like to suggest taking a closer look at what has worked for other people. Maybe some of these superb living room ideas will inspire you to achieve something special in your home too. A sparkling barn conversion Barn conversions […]

How to Teach Your Dog to Keep Off the Sofa

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How to Keep Off the Sofa

Whether you have had dogs in the family for years or you have just welcomed your first puppy into your home, you will probably want to ensure your pet is properly trained. One common problem for many dog owners is trying to work out how to keep their dog from jumping up on the sofa. The best course of action is to […]

Interior Design Trends to Look Out for in 2015

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interior design trends 2015

With a new year comes brand new interior design ideas and trends. If you like to keep up with the times you’ll certainly want to make sure you check out the latest interior trends that will come to the fore during 2015. Casual colours that will appeal for many Farrow & Ball is well-known for its approach to creating paint colours and […]

Great Home Workouts to Try in January

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Great Home Workouts to Try in January

It’s the start of another new year and many people are probably regretting those extra mince pies over the festive season. If you feel as though you need to perk yourself up a little, a home workout could be just what you need. After all, wet, windy, cold and possibly wintry weather is hardly conducive to inspiring you to go outside. So […]